Criss Cross Poker – Two Ways to Win With One Hand

How Criss Cantankerous Poker is Played

What’s different about Criss Cantankerous Poker is that there are two means to win with one hand. The cold of this poker table bold is to accept a acceptable 5 agenda poker duke which pays according to a poker baronial pay table. The banker does not play. A accepted 52 agenda accouter is used. Before play begins, players accept to aboriginal accomplish two ante bets of according size, one in the across betting amphitheater and one in the down activity circle. An alternative 5 agenda bonus bet is aswell accessible that pays according to the absolute poker baronial in the 5 agenda association hand.

The banker gives anniversary amateur two aperture cards face down and places 5 association cards face down in a cantankerous pattern. Three accumbent and three vertical. Based on the amount of player’s aperture cards, the afterward activity takes place:

  • Amateur may accomplish an across bet from 1X to 3X the ante or bend the hand.
  • Banker exposes the two outside cards on the accumbent row of the cross.
  • Amateur may accomplish a down bet from 1X to 3X the ante or bend the hand.
  • Banker again exposes the two outside cards on the vertical column.
  • Amateur accept to again accomplish a middle bet from 1X to 3X the ante of fold.

After the average agenda is exposed, the players use their aperture cards to accomplish two five agenda poker hands, one beyond and one down. The average bet pays according to the baronial of the beyond and down easily according to the afterward pay table:

Winning Pay table

Royal Flush – 500/1

Straight Flush – 100/1

Four of a Kind – 40/1

Full Abode – 12/1

Flush – 8/1

Straight – 5/1

Three of a Kind – 3/1

Two Brace – 2/1

High Brace (J-A) – 1/1

Low Brace (6-10) – Push

All Added – Loss

Optional Benefit Pay Table

Royal Flush – 250/1

Straight Flush – 100/1

Four of a Kind – 40/1

Full Abode – 15/1

Flush – 10/1

Straight – 6/1

Three of a Kind – 4/1

Two Brace – 3/1

Pair of 6′s or Better – 1/1

All Added – Loss

Strategy and Abode Edge

Here is the recommended strategy:

Across Bet

Fold if your aperture cards are unsuited, unpaired, and the accomplished agenda is 2-5. If you accept a ill-fitted Jack-Queen or any pair, accomplish the 3X raise. With all added cards, accomplish the 1X bet.

Down Bet – The aforementioned applies to the down hand. You accept already apparent the two beyond cards which may abetment you with your wagering options.

Middle Bet – You accept now apparent fou association cards from the deck. If you fabricated at atomic one 3X bet, do not fold.

The abode bend is affected at about 4.3%, and 3.5% for the alternative benefit wager.

Good Luck!

Pai Gow – A Thousand Year Old Asian Game Has an Americanized Version – Pai Gow Poker

How to Play the American Poker Version

Pai Gow Poker is played with a accepted 52 agenda accouter additional one joker. Players have to aboriginal abode a bet on the table. The adjustment of play is bent by the dealer’s cycle of the dice or a accidental amount architect selection. Seven cards are again dealt counter-clockwise, face down, to anniversary amateur and the dealer.

The article of the bold is for the amateur to actualize two poker easily from his or her seven cards. The 5 agenda duke have to rank college than the two agenda hand. When ambience the hands, the 5 agenda duke have to be placed in foreground of the two agenda hand. In adjustment for the amateur to win even money, both easily have to exhausted the dealer/banker hands. If one wins and one loses, the accommodation is a push. If both the broker and amateur easily are of according value, the broker wins.

The abode takes a 5% agency on all acceptable hands. Any amateur may accept to be the coffer in about-face or s/he may pass. It can be advantageous to coffer because the broker wins all ties, but the broker have to aswell authority acceptable funds to awning all bets. Acceptable easily are bent by accepted poker duke rankings with the afterward exceptions:

  • A actor can be acclimated to complete a even or a straight, contrarily it’s counted as an ace.
  • An A-2-3-4-5 is the 2nd accomplished beeline or beeline flush, beneath 10-J-Q-K-A. Therefore, a 9-10-J-Q-K ranks 3rd.

The house bend is about 1.46%.

How to Play the Asian Way

Pai Gow, translated as “make nine” has its roots in age-old Chinese coffer and is believed to be bags of years old. Because it’s played with Chinese domino tiles it is begin mainly in casinos that baby to Asian players. This bold is not as accepted with Americans. Also, it’s added circuitous and requires added abstraction to learn.

The bold is played with a set of 32 dominos accepted as The Woodpile. After all the players abode their bets on the table, the broker shuffles the woodpile face down and endless them in 8 rows, 4 high. The broker again rolls three dice to actuate the adjustment of play. The broker starts as broker and gives anniversary amateur and his or herself 4 tiles face down.

Each amateur have to accomplish two easily of two tiles each. The duke with the lower amount is alleged The Front. The college amount duke is The Rear. If the totals from the players’ easily exhausted the dealer/banker’s duke the players’ win even money, bare a 5% agency to the house. If both amateur easily are of lower value, s/he loses. If one duke wins and the added loses, it is a push. In case of a tie, the asphalt with the accomplished article wins. When a amateur and broker according zero, the broker wins. Players may act as broker in about-face or pass. Acceptable amateur funds are appropriate for a amateur to coffer the game.

With few exceptions, the best a duke can account is 9. For example, a 1-3 asphalt and a 2-3 asphalt totals 9. If two tiles absolute aloft 9, such as a 3-2 and 6-5 accretion 16 requires that the tens abode (1) be alone and would accordingly absolute 6. 5-5 and 6-4 would according 0 as 10 + 10 = 20. Drop 2 to according 0.

There are assertive exceptions area a duke can account added than 9. These are alleged “Gongs” and “Wongs”. The bifold one and bifold six tiles are accepted as the “Day” and “Teen” tiles. A Day or Teen accumulated with an eight after-effects in a Gong, account 10, while putting either of them with a nine creates a Wong, account 11. When commutual with any added tile, accepted scoring rules apply.

Also, there are tiles that can be acclimated like a “wildcard” alleged “Gee Joon” with The 1-2 and 2-4. When acclimated as allotment of a hand, these tiles may be denticulate as either 3 or 6, which anytime after-effects in a college duke value. For example, a duke of 1-2 and 5-6 array as seven rather than four.

The abode bend is about 1.5%. Good Luck!